Senior Product Designer based in London

… and remote globally
A product, physical or digital, is an item or service used by people or businesses. I create digital products. It started when I dropped out of university at 19 to pursue a career as one of those ‘mad men’ advertising creatives. Many pints, office parties and mentorships later, I developed a talent for digital. I went from designing banner adverts to websites to entire products. Design has taken me all over the world, from London pubs to North America trying to convince me it’s called ‘soccer’ and across Europe’s diverse cultures. Now, I’m a senior product designer, consultant, change advocate, mentor and team lead.


Design and experience expert offering advice and guidance by aligning to your business needs, understanding the wider industry landscape and developing a strategy to achieve your goals.

Product design

A job of many names, from user experience and interface design to interaction design. Essentially a creative problem solver that designs products by aligning your business goals with user needs.

Creative direction

Unifying the vision of brands across all of their outputs by defining the look and feel and conceptualising ‘the big idea’ for campaign creation to promote either the brand, product or both.

Motion design

Videography and animated graphic design bringing artwork to life through visual storytelling and generating an entire new level of engagement.

Designing the future

The world is fucked, apparently. The news certainly likes to remind us it is. We can, however, hold onto a little more optimism. The changes the world needs are happening now. Government initiatives, nonprofit organisations and sustainably focused brands are working to close the gap between humans and technology that can radically improve the lives of both consumers and that of the planet. Supporting this can help bring about these changes, and perhaps, the world might not be so fucked after all.
* 2.5% of all proceeds will be donated and a discounted rate of 10% will apply to government initiatives, nonprofit organisations and sustainable brands.
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