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In-flight Entertainment system

The art of the journey

The beginning of a long distance journey, wherever you’re going, whatever the reason, often starts with flying. WestJet seeked a partnership to redesign one of the most important aspects of their guest’s journey, the in-flight experience. We designed and built an experience that empowered WestJet to deliver world leading services from entertainment, flight tracking, seat controls, calling for assistance, ordering food, drinks and more.




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In-flight Entertainment System

Web (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)



Carribbean & Central America


United States


Love where you’re going and love how you get there

At WestJet, they want you to love where you’re going and love how you get there. When things got in the way of that, we recognised the impact this had on their journey. Speaking to frequent flyers we gathered insights into the importance the in-flight experience had on guest’s journeys and how we could help WestJet deliver innovative and world leading services from not only seatbacks but also guest’s personal devices.

Guest’s saw entertainment, flight time remaining, destination information, device connectivity and being able to call for FA’s (flight attendants) as the most important. We developed other features that would innovate the in-flight experience even further, such as controlling lighting from your device as well as inviting other guests to watch movies together.

defining the opportunity

Make flying entertaining

Entertainment, above everything, was the most desired feature for the in-flight experience. Movies, TV shows, radio and games are the most demanded features for an entertainment system. We innovated further by introducing third party applicaitons such as YouTube, Spotify, and developing a ‘Wellness Centre’ that featured meditation from Headspace and Calm.

By partnering with FlightPath3D we integrated an interactive 3D map where guests could track their flights and discover information about their destinations. We even expanded the brand guidelines by develping dark mode for the first time to help guests relax into low lit cabin environments.

“ One of the best in-flight entertainment systems I have ever seen ”


An international system for millions of guests a year

Successfully designed, built, developed and implemented a global entertainment system. We integrated third parties and partnered with Sony for the ongoing development to implement the most viable product (MVP) and continue the introduction of more features over time.

We successfully deployed WestJet’s In-Flight Entertainment System Connect (IFEC) to a fleet of over 150 aircraft, with over 700 flights per day flying to more than 100 destinations with over 22 million guests a year.

*If you would like more information on the processes behind the scenes, such as research, workshops, information architecture, wireframes, testing and much more, please get in touch.
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