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Predator 20 Digital Engagement


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Unleashing the Predator 20 football boots

Predator 20 Mutator with DEMONSKIN, the all-new technology designed to enhance grip on the ball and maximise control. For 2020, Adidas seeked international partnerships to unleash Predator to a new generation. Adidas knew they had to create something completely different, go beyond evolution and innovate to bring the Predator franchise back to its core philosophy of giving those who wear it an unfair advantage over the opposition.
Research & discovery

Unfair advantage from an iconic brand

Adidas has a clear mission - competitive advtantage. Their largest target market of 20-29 year old athletes, who are passionate about sports, and the next generation athletes of 14-19 year olds, are looking for that advantage to help them excel in their passion. Striving for innovation and ‘Creating the New’, Adidas introduced DEMONSKIN, made up of a textured spike layer. Based on years of data-based research and testing, DEMONSKIN was developed to give the wearer an advantage over their opponent. Using these insights, Adidas challenged us to launch the digital side of their 100% UNFAIR global campaign, generating hype to capture their target markets through Predator’s core philosophy.

Hype. Drop. Sustain.

Adidas products are some of the most anticipated products in the world. To generate hype, social engagement, intrigue and excitement, we launched the digital campaign over three key phases; Hype, Drop, and Sustain. By intentionally not revealing much at the beginning we could increase customers curiosity and peak their anticipation. The drop phase coincided with launch events, advertisements, social and retail experiences to drive customers in-store and online to campaign landing and product detail pages. When the dust of the initial hype settled, the sustain phase was focused on educating customers the benefits of DEMONSKIN technology and driving them to the product landing pages.

Product sold out across Europe

The revolutionary Predator 20 DEMONSKIN technology and 100% UNFAIR campaign that featured some of football’s biggest names such as Paul Pogba, David Beckham and Deli Ali generated so much hype that the product sold out across Europe shortly after launch. The digital campaign was responsible for driving people to the site with a +58% increase in product landing page views, +14% increase in product detail page views, +106% quality site visits and +10% social impressions. Predator 20 products quickly became some of the most desirable footwear of 2020.
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