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One design system for multiple markets


Lead Product Designer (Design Systems)


Design System (B2B, C2C and C2B)


Australia & Canada

A single design system to scale globally

eBay Kleinanzeigen is the largest online classifieds portal in Germany. Motors Verticals (MOVE) was a subsidiary of eBay that specialised in managing multiple automotive marketplaces. MOVE had an ambition to expand internationally and needed a single design system that could scale across all of these marketplaces, ensuring consistency across a complex application suite (B2B, C2C and C2B).
Research & discovery

Compete with leaders in the global autos marketplace

The origin of Motors Vertical (MOVE) began after the Apollo Strategy that was initiated by eBay Kleinanzeigen. It was concluded that with a global vertical platform, we could meet the ever-increasing consumers and dealers expectations and compete with market leaders in the global autos market. Researching common UX / UI practices and patterns for components, the MOVE design system was created following three guiding principles: scalable, accessible and responsive.

Scalable. Accessible. Responsive.

Based in Berlin, Germany, MOVE managed Kijiji Autos in Canada and Autotrader in Australia. Using the design systems three guiding principles we ensured a single design system could be used and scaled across multiple markets. All of our products ensured accessibility for all users following AA standards. Finally, our design system ensured products were responsive and adaptive for all breakpoints to empower users across all devices.

Improved efficiency for design and development

We successfully created a single global design system that had the same element and component structure for different markets but with interchangeable branding. The design system covered application specific scenarios for both consumers and car dealers (B2B, C2C and C2B). The design system was integrated with the development process and their technical stacks through bi-weekly UI Guild meetings. Jenkins was used as the primary tool to run the ‘exporter’ that exported images and icons directly from the design system. Storybook was the primary tool used to house coded components that were built based on the design system.
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